Josh Levin is a podcaster, author, and editor in Washington, D.C.


One Year

Creator, host, and co-producer of Slate’s narrative history podcast on the people and struggles that changed America—one year at a time. One of the New York Times’ 10 best podcasts of 2021. Praise from the Financial Times, the Guardian, and the CBC.

Slow Burn: David Duke

Six-part series on the political rise of America’s best-known white supremacist. Named one of the best podcasts of 2020 by the Atlantic, the Guardian, and Vulture. Winner of the Louisiana Endowment for the Humanities’ Best in Digital Humanities award.

Hang Up & Listen

Slate’s sports show, co-hosted with Joel Anderson and Stefan Fatsis. Once a week since 2010.

In the 1970s, Linda Taylor became a fur-wearing, Cadillac-driving symbol of the undeserving poor. But the original “welfare queen” was demonized for the least of her crimes. Taylor was a con artist, a kidnapper, maybe even a murderer. This is the never-before-told story of a singular American character, lost in the rush to create a vicious stereotype.


"Mr. Bailey’s Class"

With Susan Matthews and Molly Olmstead.

Before he was Philip Roth’s biographer, Blake Bailey taught the eighth grade. His students say he made them feel special. They worshipped him. They trusted him. He used it all against them.

"Jesus on a Tortilla"

Feature story adapted from an episode of the One Year podcast.

"The Story Behind Jackie Robinson’s Damning Kiss-Off to a White Sports Writer"

Robinson responded to the New Orleans Times-Picayune’s Keefe with a letter that exposed the emptiness and idiocy of segregationist thought. “I am happy for you, that you were born white,” he wrote. “It would have been extremely difficult for you had it been otherwise.”

"The Worst Baseball Card of All Time"

The case of 1996 Pinnacle Foil No. 289.